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Hi everyone,

Every month the 5 players with the most votes on the server will be rewarded with a €20 store gift card that you can use to purchase anything on our store:

This month, these players were the top 5 voters:

1. bluesy (133 votes)
2. subheading (131 votes)
3. auns (128 votes)
4. Tightful (112 votes)
5. .NotAman0 (86 votes)

Congratulations to the winners!

To find your gift card use the command /mail read on the Survival SMP server as it has been mailed to you in-game. Use that gift card on our store ( when checking out. This allows you to claim any package up to €20 for free.

If you wish to compete in the voting contest during the upcoming month, simply vote for the server every day by using the command /vote and check your position by using /topvotes
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