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Hey everyone!

It has been some time, but it's finally here: the brand new Minebattle Prison server!
We spent countless hours on creating this server and it turned out great! We're ready for release today but we're not done, we will keep adding more content as the server is live but there is already enough for you to explore!

Here's some things that you can find on the server already...

Mines & Ranking up​

The basic concept of the Prison server is to mine blocks in the mine area's, sell your blocks and rank up. You can rank up with the /rankup command. Ranking up through the prison ranks gives you access to more areas.


When ranking up in prison you progress your way through mines, this also brings some unlocks. Read the signs in each mine to see what you have unlocked.

Plot world & Player warps​

At rank C you can claim your very own plot by using the command /plot auto or teleporting to /warp plots and entering the portal. At rank F you are allowed to create your very own plot warp. You can do this with the command /pwarp set <name> on your own plot. This warp is visible on the /pw menu for 48 hours, after that time it is removed and you will have to re-set it. It costs $50k to set your warp. This is useful for creating a teleport to your shop or mob grinder.

Player shops​

At rank E you can make a player shop! This is a great way to make some extra profit by selling or buying blocks from other players. If you don't know how to make a shop, just check out the description at /warp shophelp!

Custom enchanting​

On Prison there is a completely different enchanting system than Survival, it uses special Enchanting Tokens. You can receive Enchanting Tokens in several ways, from chests, mob drops or by mining in mines B to Z. Once you have saved up some Enchanting Tokens (also called E-Tokens) you can go shopping for enchants at /warp enchants. Here you can hold your item and right-click on a sign to enchant it.


There are also leaderboards near the server spawn point! This is still a basic feature as of now but we will expand it in the future. At this current moment you can see a leaderboard of the amount of blocks broken on the server, daily/weekly/monthly and all-time. Your amount of blocks broken will be updated on the leaderboard if you join or leave the server.


At rank D you unlock the ability to either create your own gang, or join another gang. This is a great way to create your own group inside of Prison and it gives a bunch of extra features. Just type the command /gang to see all command information.

Random drops​

While mining in the mines B to Z you can receive some special drops such as Enchanting Tokens, Repair Tokens, Crate Keys or Mine Crates might spawn.

Coming soon:
  • Cryptic token drops in Mine A, this will unlock a boss dungeon
  • In-game shop (This will probably be sell-only)
  • Prestige mines
  • Free world & rank
  • Some sort of dungeon area with hostile mobs
  • Jobs or quests (or both)
  • Daily rewards (once we set this up, it will also be added to other servers)
  • More information on the website wiki
  • If we find a way to do it properly: backpacks (haven't found a good way for this yet)
  • Pets? Not sure about this yet, but if it works properly we would also add it to other servers
  • Voting rewards
  • More custom mob drops from farming mobs (in player-owned mob grinders)
  • Farming tools or something similar
  • Maybe mine bombs, also haven't found a good solution for this yet. If a good option exists, we will look into it
  • Top plots or something similar. We will look into having a ranking system for plots.
Would love to see a properly done backpack system (if possible), since it could be a really useful feature I think :D
Would love to see a properly done backpack system (if possible), since it could be a really useful feature I think :D
Yeah I hope we can make something work, I've tried a bunch of different plugins that are publicly available but all of them are buggy or just don't work properly. We currently don't have the budget for a custom plugin unfortunately :(
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