The rules of Minebattle are based on common sense and fairness and are put in place to keep this a safe and enjoyable environment. All rules apply to everyone using any services provided by Minebattle without any exceptions.
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The official rules of Minebattle

The rules of Minebattle are based on common sense and fairness. They are put in place to keep this a safe and enjoyable environment. All of the rules listed on this page apply to everyone using any services provided by Minebattle without any exceptions.


Be mindful and respectful in your communication. Address other players with respect.

Why we have this rule

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Everyone playing is human, we are trying to create a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy so that our players can have the best experience possible.

What we mean by 'respect everyone'

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By respect everyone we mean you should not do anything that offends, negatively affects or disrupts other players in any way.

We specifically disallow the following:

  • Swearing or using offensive language
  • Racism, xenophobia, homophobia or similar
  • Spamming or flooding
  • Arguing
  • Using uppercase without reasoning
  • Trolling or misleading users
  • Advertising any product that is not Minebattle
  • Witch hunting or spreading false information
  • Avoiding chat filters
  • Encouraging rule breaking or violent behaviour
  • Insulting players in any way


You are not permitted to use any software/client modifications or exploits that gives an unfair advantage. We do not allow the use of a proxy server or VPN to connect to our servers.

Why we have this rule

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Our games are designed to be fun for everyone to play, any software used to gain advantage takes that fun away for players who play fairly by the rules.

Bugs discovered on our server or in Minecraft are also not allowed to be abused or be used to your advantage, these should be reported to our staff team immediately.

Disallowed/allowed client modifications

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We disallow all of the following:

  • Automated movements (walking, fighting, aiming, fishing, mining, etc.)
  • Consistent movements triggered by laying something on your keyboard/mouse (to keep mining/walking or similar)
  • Vision enhancements (x-ray, trackers, tracer, wallhack, etc.)
  • Fighting cheats (anti-knockback, bunnyhop, kill-aura, etc.)
  • Spoofing cheats (ping spoof)

We allow the following:

  • Performance, graphics, and aesthetic modifications (including shaders and OptiFine)
  • Armor, status, and HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage
  • Health indicators
  • Minimaps that show the ground level and do not show players
  • Recipe modifications
  • Sprint toggle

What is a proxy or VPN

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A proxy or VPN server changes the way you connect to our server by routing your connection through a different peer, this interferes with our network and detection methods and it is therefore disallowed.

If you have never installed or set up any proxy or VPN software on your computer it is unlikely you are using it so you do not have a risk of being banned.


You are responsible for the security and use of your Minebattle, Minecraft and Discord accounts. You will be held accountable for all activity coming from your account.

Why we have this rule

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We have this rule in place to protect player privacy and ensure a safe and fun in game environment.

Account sharing

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You are responsible for whatever happens to your account, even if you were not in control of the account at the time a rule gets broken. To avoid any problems we highly recommend to not share accounts.

Trading webshop purchases

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Minebattle does not take responsibility for the trade of any Minebattle merchandise on the web store or in-game. Minebattle is not liable for any loss or fraud that occurs while trading.

If you get offered a rank from another player for some in-game items (or vice-versa) please be very aware that if the person making the purchase decides to buyback (refund) the purchase, the receiving party will be automatically banned by our webstore. To prevent this from happening we recommend users to not trade store purchases for in-game items. We can not offer support for banned players who are unable to provide any transaction details.

If you receive a webshop package without buying anything yourself report this to staff immediately.


Any content created by users on our server should follow all of the previous mentioned rules.

Why we have this rule

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Minecraft is a creative game and allows you to express your creativity in many ways. Any content that may conflict with rule 1 also falls under this category. Any builds, signs, item names, usernames that may offend others are not allowed to keep a friendly environment in our community.

What falls under content

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Anything that is displayed on Minebattle services falls under content, this includes all of the following, but isnt limited to:

  • Usernames (Discord/Minecraft/Forums)
  • Buildings
  • Text on signs
  • Item names
  • Profile pictures
  • Skins and (optifine) capes
  • Item usage
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    Oct 16, 2021
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