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Store / Ranks update

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We have updated the server store today! All ranks now have perks added to them and can be purchased from our store.

Check out all the ranks and their permissions by going to store.minebattle.net/category/ranks
Click on one of the ranks to see a list of the permissions and commands.

Our webstore is safe to use, transactions are handled securely through our payment processors.

Survival SMP: Mob Farm update

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Today we released the Mob Farm to the Survival SMP server. And this being Minebattle, it isn't any regular mob farm of course! Everything is explained in this post.

Magic Spawner​

The Magic Spawner will spawn mobs around it when players are nearby. If there are no players, there will be no mobs. It also scales on the amount of players around it, more players mean more mobs spawn.

Dungeon Trinkets​

Why grind in the mob farm at spawn? Because it pays off! All mobs inside of the mob farm have a chance to drop a new item: Dungeon Trinkets. Dungeon Trinkets are a one-use item that can be used to reset the cooldown of a dungeon. These items are tradable with other players so add a new aspect to the economy of the server as well. The drop chances of Dungeon Trinkets can be seen in the hologram inside of the mob farm...

Survival SMP: Dungeon Changes

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We've made some changes to how dungeons work today, read all about it in the list below:
  • The cooldown on Dungeon 1 & 2 has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes​
  • There are money rewards for finishing a dungeon​
  • A title message & firework has been added for when you finish a dungeon​
  • You get teleported to the dungeon warp when you leave a dungeon (So you're not stuck in the portal)​
  • Bonus loot reward chests have been added throughout dungeons (Indicated by a hologram and gold block underneath)​
  • A hologram has been added to the dungeon finish (Also indicated with a diamond block)​
  • Dungeon 1 has been made significantly easier and the boss was removed (Bosses will be added to harder dungeons)​
  • Dungeon 1 has been made shorter in...​

December Top Voters

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First of all, happy new year to everyone! 2022 will be the year where Minebattle takes off ;)

Every month the 5 players with the most votes on the server will be rewarded with a €20 store gift card that you can use to purchase anything on our store: https://store.minebattle.net

This month, these players were the top 5 voters:

1. IzzyGamez (134 votes)
2. RaethDeleted (67 votes)
3. wakeupvon (37 votes)
4. PrezzyLive (29 votes)
5. sexayboy (27 votes)
5. Magnusovergaard3 (27 votes)

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