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Earn money & Help Minebattle grow!

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Hey everyone,

With Survival now being a pretty well set up server and Prison coming up soon as well, we believe it's time to slowly start growing the server and get the word out to a bigger audience. To do that, we'll have to save up for an advertising budget and make a plan. You can help us with this AND earn money yourself!

Creator Codes​

Starting today, you can apply for your personal creator code if you meet the criteria. A creator code is a special discount code that anyone can use when purchasing something on the store to receive a 25% discount, if someone uses your personal code you will receive a 5% share of that payment. That means if your creator code is used to purchase something worth $100, you will receive $5!

If you have your own creator code, you will gain access to a special web panel where you can keep track of the times your creator code is used and you can withdraw the money that you have earned.

This is still a new concept and we will be...

Survival SMP: Economy Update

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A big economy updated happened today. Read all about it in this post...

Bedrock players received access to the command /sell handall to sell all items in your inventory that are the same as the item in your hand.

Shop rework​

Mostly thanks to auns, the shop has been revamped. New prices, and LOTS of new blocks as well!
Browse around the shop in-game by using /shop


Chest Shops​

Player shops / Chestshops have been added to the server as well today. Creating your shop is very easy, follow the following steps:
  1. Place a chest (This will be your shop)
  2. Place a sign on the chest (Hold SHIFT and right-click)
  3. On the sign write the following:

    Line 1: Empty
    Line 2: The amount of the item to sell
    Line 3: Buy and sell...

Top Voters March

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Hi everyone,

Every month the 5 players with the most votes on the server will be rewarded with a €20 store gift card that you can use to purchase anything on our store: https://store.minebattle.net

This month, these players were the top 5 voters:

1. DartinoMC (140 votes)
2. bluesy (97 votes)
3. auns (96 votes)
4. Bryant_142 (92 votes)
5. subheading (84 votes)

Congratulations to the winners!

To find your gift card use the command /mail read on the Survival SMP server as it has been mailed to you in-game. Use that gift card on our store...

Update Log 1.0

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Hey everyone!

This post is the first ever 'Update' log which will contain a list of all recent changes done on the server. We will attempt to document changes done to the server as much as we can so that it's easier for our community to understand what is going on and what new content is being added to the server!

With this update log, we also introduce the Minebattle Timeline on our wiki, the timeline will log all updates and big changes on Minebattle for historical purposes (so you can easily look it up again in the future). You can find the timeline here: https://minebattle.net/wiki/timeline/

Update Log 1.0​

GlobalAutomated messages have been added
GlobalStaff permissions have been set up (https://minebattle.net/wiki/staff-permissions/)

40% SALE - Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

To celebrate this with you, there is now a 40% sale on the entire Minebattle store! This sale lasts until sunday march 27th.


Survival SMP: The End world released!

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Today we released The End world in the Survival SMP server! There's a few things that you can do in The End world. Teleport to the world by using the portal at spawn or by typing /warp end

Random Teleport​

Click the NPC at the spawn area to get randomly teleported in the world, you will be able to build 800 blocks away from spawn (spawn is at X:0 Z:0 so building is enabled from about X:800 Z:800). The border around the world is at 10.000 x 10.000

Reaper Boss​

Around the spawn area of the end hides the Reaper Boss... it's a tough boss to kill so you might need some help from friends!
The Reaper Boss will eventually drop a Reaper Crate Key that allows you to open the Reaper Crate at the spawn area of the end. (This is not implemented just yet)


Have fun everyone! More updates daily.

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